Dating Advice, Science Tells Us Why We Brag So Much

  Talking about ourselves triggers the same emotion sensations in social networking or conversation just as talking about food or money. the research shows that 40% of our everyday speech is telling others what we think or feel. Harvard University neuroscientists say “It feels so rewarding, at the level of brain cells and synapses, that we can’t help sharing our […]


True Love May Wait … But Waiting Won’t Make You a Safer Lover Later On

ScienceDaily (May 17, 2011) — Whether sex education focuses only on abstinence or teaches students about contraception and other topics as well, it all shares one main message: Wait. In abstinence-only, students are exhorted to wait for sex until they’re married. In “comprehensive” or “abstinence-plus,” the idea is to delay sexual relations until . . . […]


NEW Condomless AIDS Protection

Science Daily  (Dec. 12, 2006) — University of Utah scientists designed a “molecular condom” women could use daily to prevent AIDS by vaginally inserting a liquid that would turn into a gel-like coating and then, when exposed to semen, return to liquid form and release an antiviral drug. how does the condomless protection work?  Researchers from the University […]