Speaking in Statements

When talking to women, it’s very important to be not interviewing them. it is sooo annoying to women when guys as them “so what do you do? do you have any pets? What school did you go to? Do you have your own place?” women pull their hair out when you don’t contribute anything to the conversation and start interviewing them. Yes, questions are important but not a lot of them.

Here is what I tell students to do; go a day or two speaking in statements. No questions at all. See how hard it is but once you find a way around it you will notice you really don’t need questions.

Assuming things is a great way to get information out of people “you sound like you are from the UK.” Would be the same thing as asking “where are you from?” because even if they aren’t from the UK they will say where they are really from. Just assuming things can get you really far because you are filtering them rather than taking value by bombarding them with question after question. Next time instead of asking “how fun can you be?” say to them “you look like a fun person.” Or “I love how friendly you are” not only does it not ask another question but it also contributes to the interaction because it predisposes that they are fun and women usually take that roll.

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