Crap, what do I say next?


When talking to a women there may be some struggle when you first start out interacting with the girl, think about it, your new! And that’s fine, and after you conquer and master the dreaded, nasty “Approach Anxiety” and have actually started to grow balls to talk to her you hit another hump… and its not the kind of hump you have been wanting. It is the feeling of not knowing what to say next, I’m going to explain how to get over this bad hump, so you can get to the fun humps.
Other Dating Coaches will tell you to learn these weird routines, gambits, and magic tricks to do on women because they MIGHT be interested in them. Well not hating all too much on them, because I’ll admit I got suckered into learning them, (besides the magic tricks) I want to teach you the natural way on how to maintain a conversation while still keeping your cool throughout the whole interaction.

Here is a little trick I picked up and its really simple, you might have already used them in your last few interactions, maybe another dating coach has told you (who cares?) so here it is, not only should you speak in statements, because it sounds more natural but also when you do ask questions, leave it open ended. Open ended questions are a complicated, fancy way of saying … don’t give her a “yes or no” question, and when she finally does answer your question only reply in statements, talk about it. When the conversation drifts into a topic that isn’t driving you to your ultimate destination OR where its a NEGATIVE SUBJECT then you simply ask another open ended question loosely relating to the last statement or comment, this is a very natural way of controlling the conversation and she wont even realized you have no idea what to say!

Good luck with this and use this tip as soon as you possibly can! Best way to get really good at something is learn something about it and apply it as soon as possible!!

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