About Drew Schroeder

“Just don’t be yourself around women. You need to act like someone else and be less geeky.”

That is exactly what I was told in high school. That was a free tip from a popular kid if I was to get any results with women. I was a Runescape and Pokémon junkie that was in special ed classes my whole life. I knew absolutely nothing about women, I never even kissed a girl; let alone sleep with any.

After a while, I got frustrated with my love life, and after the frustration I hit a deep depression. Loneliness set in, I decided I would never settle for less than what I deserve. I wanted to be a well known pick up artist. I wanted to move out of state and pick up women, and I thought about this nightly. “Just don’t be yourself around women. You need to act like someone else less geeky.” That phrase echoed in my head for a very long time. Girls in school picking on me every day was very disempowering. There was a sense of uncertainty with my goal to find love, find relationships and find random hookups.

I left Detroit, Michigan in 2012 to live in Las Vegas to have exploding results with women. After a month, I stumbled upon a meet up group to learn how to pick up women. There were world-class coaches whom I started to spend a lot of time with.

They taught me great things like what attraction really is and how to generate it, getting rid of approach anxiety all in one night. For example, the  best place to nail a girl in given any circumstance, how to get her to open up to you and tell you her deepest secrets in less than 30 minutes, and getting almost any girl to respond to you on Tinder.

Then there was other things like perfecting my dance floor routine to make out with any girl in 2 minutes without even opening your mouth to talk, getting her to buy you things, how to dress not for a specific type of girl but everyone for mass appeal, and the list goes on and on. I wanted to learn everything; I started to get more of a grasp on how attraction works. They taught me a lot and kept me under their wing as I agreed to be putty in their hands, and that was actually really easy.

I realized leaving Michigan was a threshold that I conquered. I could see my life heading in the direction I always wanted. This is what I was going to stick with. After my mentors noticed I was very humble, I was offered to run the meet up group in LV. I nailed it and started running it weekly and going out to the top Las Vegas Venues consistently, sleeping with tourists (just as I planned) in the wild clubs.

I’ve met a few women in this wild city, and visiting back at home in Michigan turning “friend zoned” friends into more than that and dating people regularly, my social circle continues to grow along with my self confidence and crazy stories, even though I still find time to play Pokémon and Runescape from time to time. But that is fine; my girlfriend thinks it’s hot.


Drew Schroeder


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