5 Things Being Fit and Picking Up Women have in Common


 1. You Have to Trim The Fat

Trimming the fat is probably the most important thing you can do when it comes to being on a diet. Most fats we eat today are unhealthy. Saturated fat is the worst just like distracting yourself with one girl. You have to start to follow a system or that will weigh you down!

2. Simplicity is Key

A lot of people when they go on diets they go all out and buy a bunch of nonfat yogurt, they buy gimmicky abs machines and look up things on youtube such as “how to get abs in 3 minutes” just like how guys in the pickup artist community look up “how to kiss a girl in 3 minutes” or they go out and buy a bunch of pickup products.

When you stick to a simple method that works like what pro body builders do, if you look into it they eat about 8oz of chicken and a cup of rice 5 times a day, they drink about a gallon of water and drink a few protein shakes as the day goes on.

If you want to get better at picking up women follow these steps, stay well groomed, approach women consistently, have her qualify more than you and guide the date to end up to your room. Make it simple, simplicity is KEY!

3. It Helps All Areas of Life

There isn’t an area of your life that eating healthy and working out won’t benefit your life and on the other end same goes for pickup, it helps build social connections, it gets you discounts at places, and it helps you grow! And on top of that both skills, social skills and health skills benefit each other!

4. Takes Discipline And Consistency

As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” the saying doesn’t go “eat 7 apples in 1 day then rest for the week” we need slow and constant pace for success. This same principle goes for picking up women; it is much more beneficial to approach 5 women a day for 1 week than 35 women in 1 day only once a week. Believe me I know this from experience. But don’t let that fool you out of approaching more women throughout the day!

5. Anyone Can Get Better

People come up with excuses why they cant lose weight like “I have thyroid problems” or “I have genetic problems” “I have a bad back” bullshit. People will always come up with excuses just like they will for picking up women. “I’m Asian” “I’m ugly” “I don’t know what to say. DROP THE EXCUSES and start approaching!

I know people personally that have lost weight and kept it off with all of the problems I have listed above and I know people that had broken bones but I would still see them training at the gym.

I also know people on the pickup side with all the problems I listed, foreign, ginger, black, fat, ugly, depressed, sociopath and they still get great results.


So in closing, if you have a simple system that works, have the desire to get better than it will help every area of your life.

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