19% Believe That Monday Is The Best Day To Break Up With Someone

breaking up


here is a study I found for you 🙂

    • 84% would not stay in a relationship over the holidays just to ensure they had a date for the festivities;
    • The worst ways to break up are “sending a text or instant message” (28%) or “through email” (18%);
    • 19% believe that Monday is the best day to break up with someone;
    • The worst places to break up are a public place (37%) and work (25%);
    • The gross majority of people will avoid the person they are breaking up with (43%) or exercise (42%) before ending their relationship;
    • breakup comforts included focusing on work (59%), taking a vacation (45%), or eating chocolate and ice cream (50%).
breakup studies conducted from a total of 3,087 respondents.

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